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2023/24 financial year represents an opportunity to recover and thrive after the challenges of the last 3 years, and we want you to join us on this journey!

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About the membership video

Find details of what you get and why you will want to experience the value of the FAQBT Business Growth Membership for 50% off your first month - just the price of a cup of coffee a week! Use the code HALFOFFFIRSTMONTHAUD at checkout.

Note the video shows a different code as this was for our seasons greetings special and we haven't reshot the video! We've decided to retain half off trials using the new code..

Black Friday and Cyber Money online business membership special

Great value business growth membership

Jane has been a popular trainer, and trained thousands of people over the last 5 years through webinars, face to face training workshops, conferences and networking groups (having delivered over 250 live sessions in that time). Now we are converting this vast array of courses into this online school and many into this membership.

More than just some courses, we have ways for you to connect to the trainers and to each other through lecture Q&As, Facebook group, live Q&A webinars, online networking and action accountability sessions.

At FAQ Business Training we LOVE small to medium business owners. We especially love action takers and people who are ready to take the business up a level (sole to micro, micro to small, or small to medium) and who do the right thing.

FAQBT Business Growth Membership


You're stressed, overwhelmed, or feeling your business could grow faster. You know you can't do it all alone and need some trustworthy help and support.

You want to grow your business and achieve success on your terms, by filling in your knowledge gaps, so you can DIY or outsource with confidence.

We cater to you - where possible we give alternative solutions, and we are adding done for you content to make your busy life easier! Our live support sessions cap off one of the best memberships you'll find!


Affordable online business training membership, 24/7 accessible, new content every month, access to pre-existing content (over 25 courses available now and new mini-memberships full of actionable training coming soon), and live support including new action accountability sessions! ...


  1. Short online on demand courses with practical guidance and some resources to help you learn, test and implement.
  2. If you have questions, we have a monthly live Q&A (on anything business) and question sections below each instructional video.
  3. Action accountability sessions twice a month (at least), live quarterly planning sessions and more!


Delivered by FAQ Business Training, primarily lead trainer Jane Tweedy.

For medium and small business owners who are action-takers, doing the right thing, done the hard yards by bootstrapping (self-funding). You want to do the right thing and want to learn to do it right. You want to grow your business and make it a success on your terms.

Why you need the FAQBT Business Growth Membership and what's included

This video is a quick rundown of what's in the membership and the reason why we offer it at all. New to December 2022 and beyond - action accountability sessions and quarterly planning days.

Please note the founding offer special mentioned is no longer available.

Are you ready to grow your medium or small business?

The FAQBT Business Growth Membership is for business owners who've largely bootstrapped their businesses, and are ready to level up. We give you highly practical and actionable content to help grow your business.

With backfilled content when you arrive, to new content being added monthly. You're sure to find content of use to you!

FAQ Business Training is here to help businesses who are doing the right thing to do it right! We value transparency, authenticity, keeping it real, and giving our clients a hand up and not a handout. Find out about FAQ Business Training.

Who will benefit from working with us?

People who want to keep it real, and know sometimes you need to hear the tough stuff before you can change and evolve.

We work equally well with men and women - as long as you're open to new ideas and constructive feedback.

Given Jane's background is in corporate (up to middle management), volunteering on boards, running small businesses, and an executive coach with some of the biggest businesses in Australia, we confidently work with businesses of varying sizes. Even ASX100 companies have issues with strategy, mission, sales, people! They're just harder to change because they aren't nimble like small business!

For some courses we will add in advanced lessons or even sometimes release a different course (e.g. start a business may be added to the site alongside business review for existing businesses).

Industries we work with

Much of what we do is industry agnostic. However, we work with a lot of service-based businesses and some product-based - consultants, HR, designers, real estate, fitness, copywriters, beauticians, cafes, tradies (building, electricians, plumbers...), cleaners, allied health, natural therapists ... the list goes on and on! We haven't had experience in mining and agriculture, and not so much in importing and manufacturing.

We bring in a variety of examples to apply the learnings across different businesses. If you feel left out, please let us know. We can always add something extra in. For some courses we will give by industry examples (focused on the businesses in our membership).

FAQ Business Training client testimonials

Hear from two of our small business clients and how they've found their training with FAQ Business Training. Anita combines training with coaching sessions.

FAQBT Business Growth Membership What is included

What is included in the FAQBT Business Growth Membership?

We want to give our members great value for money!! So we truly believe we've created what is a no brainer package! AND... we will be adding in some surprise bonuses at times. But sshh we can't give away everything!

Every month while a paid up member:

  • new training added including videos, action items, slide pack and handouts and/or done for you resources
  • one live Q&A session to start (as we grow may add more)
  • one live online networking event to start (will add more options as we grow)
  • AA sessions - action accountability sessions twice a month minimum (one day and one night). These are pomodoro styled sessions 15 mins start chat to set intentions and talk of blocks, then 4 rounds of pomodoro to get work done - learn or work on your business!
  • member only Facebook group - priceless
  • discounts for other courses we run outside the membership where possible

One off:

  • access to additional courses uploaded in the school
  • for those in NSW (with Business Connect hours available) a coaching/ advice session, and for everyone else a 15 minute discovery call to help shape the membership courses and sessions

A course catalogue with suggested learning pathways will help people coming in navigate what course to do when, if they don't have a burning need for a specific issue at the time. Or come along and ask at a Q&A session.

Download a membership benefits brochure

Want to know what's included in the membership, or as a reference if you join (note it will be updated from time to time)?

Please download the membership benefits brochure here. No sign-up required.

About FAQBT Business Growth Membership for those who like lots of detail ;-)

This video is for those who like to know everything before they buy. We go into a lot of detail about what's in the membership, why it is there and how it can benefit you! If you prefer the quick version, please check out the video above instead.

Please note this video will be rerecorded but, in the meantime, please ignore any special and bonuses, but also note the added features of action accountability sessions and quarterly planning sessions, which are not mentioned in the video.

FAQBT Membership inclusions

FAQBT Business Growth Membership Bonus Offers

These are only available to members joining now (Jan 2023) and may be withdrawn at any time. We reserve the right to cease offering these bonuses at any time.

Bonus Offer 1 Valued at AU$75 in your second month of membership

On completion of a questionnaire some basic keyword research for your business. Please allow 2 weeks for this to be emailed to you, after you have started your second month of membership.

Bonus Offer 2 Valued at AU$50

A directory listing for one year in our sister business Business Action Networking. A new directory is being created (third time lucky!). You will get a code for a free one year listing, and will retain a free listing ongoing while a member.

Bonus Offer 3 - Priceless!

Priority access to be on our FAQ Business Podcast if you meet the eligibility criteria and align with our values. These spots are limited!

If you miss out on that you will be given a chance to guest blog on one of our websites, Business Action Networking about your business, or on FAQ Business Training if you want to be a case study. You can choose to do this as well or instead of the podcast.

When you start the membership and keeping up-to-date

We have a 'course' about How to use the membership and we will continue to update this, so this is the best place to keep updated. We will also email you occasionally, so please whitelist us and keep an eye out! Note when enrolling please do NOT opt out of emails. Teachable won't even allow us to send you relevant membership and course emails! You can safely unsubscribe from the MailerLite marketing emails separately should you wish.

Content is regularly being loaded, so check back to see what is new.

There are already plenty of courses to get you started, and of course the suggested to do items from them!

Hi, I’m Jane - founder and lead trainer of FAQ Business Training

You will see me a lot if you join the membership, especially in the early days! I have so much great content to share to make your life easier, and grow your business to the next level! Don't believe me? Check out the testimonials.

I'm a Professional Certified Coach with ICF and hold many qualifications up to Masters levels. Plus a lot of real world experience from corporate, volunteer work, small business and helping 1750+ business owners one-on-one in their businesses!

I'm a lifelong learner, recent award winner, love teaching and have a way of breaking down even complex material so you get it!

Find out more about Jane.

Choose a Pricing Option - Please choose the AUD option for Australian residents and USD for everyone else. Remember to apply code HALFOFFFIRSTMONTHAUD to get half price first month access on the monthly plan

If you want one year only, not one year renewed annually please message [email protected] and ask for an invoice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and concerns

Is there something stopping you from grabbing the membership? We may have addressed your concern below, or feel free to contact us at training @ faqbusiness.com.au (remove spaces put in for spam protection).

Can I get a refund if I'm unhappy with my purchase?

If you are unsatisfied with your bundle, reach out to us to see if we can address your concern or advise if your purchase is eligible for a refund.

We offer a 14 day money back guarantee. We're a small business - please don't take advantage of this! If you join and cancel we probably won't be welcoming you back to do the same thing again.

You can cancel your membership at any time, but if you rejoin it will be at the then current prices.

What type of training will be included?

Courses and training related to anything business. You can look at the past events tab on the main FAQ Business Training website to get a feel for the type of courses we have completed in the past. You could also check out our blogs which include our recent addition the FAQ Business Podcast.

This list though extensive is not actually complete. Plus we have many more trainings in the pipeline.

What level are the courses at?

Courses will be pitched where possible at all bootstrapping business owners. In other words people who self-funded their small business dream.

If you've accessed multi-million dollar funding and accessed copious high level advisors, we're probably not right for you. For everyone one else small to medium sized we can assist.

Some trainings we may offer advanced options or be more suited to different levels/stages of business.

I have no interest in the training being released this month, why should I stay a member?

We have at least 25 courses of varying types and topics plus there are some courses we made available to members at the time outside of the membership (if requested members were manually enrolled in up to 8 full size courses in April and May 2022 on pricing and mindset). This means if you don't like the new release you can still learn by selecting an oldie but goodie.

In the future, as we're adding content EVERY month there will be a lot more content in the school and the membership.

In addition, we have the other features like the networking session, the live Q&A and live quarterly planning, plus what we will have happening in the Facebook group. There will be plenty of value for you!

How do I schedule my appointment for my discovery call?

Upon purchasing the membership, you'll receive further instructions on how to book a time for your discovery call or coaching session (if in NSW and have hours available - if not book the discovery call).

Why do you not give lifetime access to courses?

We do in the way you see other people offer them. We're honest and let's be real - lifetime access is never lifetime unless you die tragically young in the prime of your life! And we do not want that!

We have no intention of shutting down our membership, but if the Covid Pandemic taught us anything, it's that we live in an uncertain world! Therefore we can't say never.

We would give you ample notice before closing down the membership or any courses. Remember some may simply become obsolete as technology changes.

I don’t know if I have the time

You do not need to ‘keep up’. The membership is available to you at any time you’re a paid-up member.

Live Q&A sessions will be recorded and placed in the membership too so you won’t miss anything. Take the courses as you need them and as they are relevant to your business.

Please do make an attempt to get to some of the live sessions. From our own involvement in other memberships, we find these sessions produce inspiring nuggets which lead to new ideas or solutions.

I’m not sure I can afford it

If you really can’t, please don’t join! However, the nature of the sessions offered should mean if you implement them, you’re either saving money or making more money. Our reducing expense course or creating additional income courses can save or make you money! Therefore, joining should be thought of as an investment in you and your business, not a cost.

We believe this is hands down one of the most affordable yet quality options out there!

Is this right for me?

Only you can assess that. Read this sales page and find out all you can. We cater for all learning styles – you can listen, watch, read and do.

You may want to tune into our podcast is studying right for you? Although not a qualification, a membership can have the same considerations. Where are you at in your business? What help do you need? You can check out our podcast on is studying right for you if you need help in what to consider before signing up to ANY study or membership.

You can also check out one of our Tea Time Tip Videos for free. In the membership you also gain the slide pack, and any available handout, which is not available for free viewers.

Are all courses included in the membership?

No. Certain premium courses, implementable training sessions with live components, packaged programs and HBDI® related courses and debriefs will not be available in the membership. Sometimes our membership will be offered a discount. This is not always the case as we are not always the only provider.

All courses included in the membership have a little banner image above the pricing plan options to remind you it’s included (if it is).

Apart from the initial courses, at a minimum every month there will be new training added (going forward from Q4 2023 via our mini-memberships) and a live Q&A session recorded.

You will also have access to an online networking session (which will not be recorded, other than possibly the education or inspiration component).

Will I be upsold (spruiked) all the time?

No, it goes against everything we believe in. Does this mean we won’t mention other courses and programs including paid offers? No, we will mention relevant training and may upsell. However, our training will always be dominated by training and not spruiking!

Who is this Jane Tweedy and what does she know?

Jane been a government funded business advisor for over 8 years and worked with over 1800 people one on one as well as thousands more through workshops, conferences and networking groups.

All these people have given so much insight into what to do and what not to do in business. Those who take action and grow their businesses are fantastic because they’re live testing what Jane teaches.

Jane also apply the learnings in, and learns from her own businesses, which she's had on the side for over 20 years before becoming her main gig.

Even in her corporate roles Jane was doing things like applying customer service skills, leadership, analytics and investment, financial analysis, solution selling and so much more.

How does this differ from other similar programs?

Honestly there could be a lot of overlap! What is going to be 100% unique to FAQ Business Training is of course our Founder and Lead Trainer Jane Tweedy. Jane tells it like it is (a combo of her Kiwi background and thinking preferences) and LOVES helping people succeed and not get ripped off. Watch some of our Tea Time Tips series to get a feel for Jane and her learning style. We are ensuring there’s a LOT of value in this membership.

Our membership is affordable, practical, high value, comes with support (we don't leave you all alone), and if you use it, you will see positive changes and growth in your business.

What are the Tea Time Tips Series?

These were sessions initially recorded live from streams to Facebook and LinkedIn. They’re like mini lunch ‘n’ learns so are shorter than our normal courses. You can access some via blog and/or video for free via our Tea Time Tips page on our main website.

The paid version only (included free in your FAQBT Business Growth Membership) includes the video plus the transcription available as a PDF, the slide pack PDF and any handout if included. Resources referred to (like blogs) will also be easier to access.

What are the PW Series?

These were recorded live and are therefore Pre-recorded Webinars or PW. We know people who put these up on their website as a 'Masterclass' with an inflated $47 - $99 price tag, but we believe this is an inferior product. You don’t get the benefit of being there live, engaging and asking questions, and it’s not a cleanly recorded structured course with workbooks or worksheets and actions to take as you go. However, there’s still some great things to learn in these sessions, and that's why these are a great value offering included in your membership!

Extended PW sessions may look more like full courses as we will break them down to make them more easily accessible.

Your question not addressed?

Please feel free to email us on training @ faqbusiness.com.au (remove the spaces).