Why vour unique value proposition is important

Why your unique value proposition might be the key to your business

Your Unique Value Proposition or UVP is vital to your business success. Why? Because prospective clients (and even employees and other stakeholders) need to know where you're coming from, what you deliver and why, to know if you are a great choice for them.

Your UVP connects with your business mission, vision and values and you need to communicate it to any internal people, suppliers, collaborators and customers know.

You may lose some people, but those who remain will be well aligned.

Tea Time Tips series

Our Tea Time Tips series were originally streamed live on Facebook and LinkedIn. We have edited them slightly and they may be available for free to view still on our socials and we sometimes share on our YouTube channel and as blogs on our website.

You can find our free blogs here. Note there is a LONG! lag to getting our free blogs online after the live stream.

Alternatively for a small fee you can purchase this course which includes access to the video, transcript and slide pack to download, handout and easy access to any resources referred to (and there were a number in this one).

We have also made them available on Teachable as part of our FAQBT Business Growth Membership (so no need to buy if you're a member - login and you will have access).

Why would I pay for TTT courses if I can get them for free?

If you're a member of FAQBT Business Growth Membership then you will have access to the slide pack, transcript, easy access to any resources mentioned and any additional downloads made available only to people who pay.

Otherwise, the only way to get access to all the extras mentioned above is by buying the relevant TTT course.

Here at FAQ Business Training, we are extremely passionate about small business owners not ripping themselves off! By learning from us, we teach you enough to do it yourself (DIY) or outsource with confidence.


A Tea Time Tips (TTT) series course

This course is part of our TTT Series, and is what we consider entry-level affordable training. TTT simply stands for Tea Time Tips which are like mini lunch 'n' learns. These were originally streamed live on Facebook and LinkedIn and have been recorded and edited slightly.

To keep the pricing down for these, we load the TTT videos as one single video with no breakdowns into sections.

However, we do give you a transcript you can download with timestamps. 

Transparency is an important part of our business values, hence why we call out the limitations of these lower priced offerings. 

If you've not seen a Tea Time Tips series course before please watch the TTT video before buying

Please preview the video available and hopefully that will make it clear who will benefit most from TTT short courses, and you can see if our presenter and Founder Jane Tweedy's presentation style is right for you.

Although most people love Jane's tell it like it is approach and vast quantities of information she will pass on, some will not. And you know what - that's perfectly okay. So please only buy after you've watched the TTT video.

What do you get?

  • 20+minutes of great content (minimal introductory and upsell talk!)
  • a copy of the slide pack and transcription
  • easy access links to resources we mention

Payment options

FAQBT Business Growth Members don't buy as you have free access included in your membership.

Australian? Please choose the Australian pricing option so we can manually calculate and remit GST on course sales. This means you can also claim the GST. The receipt contains the total amount GST inclusive and refers to the GST calculation.

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