What do your customers search for? Use this keyword research FREE tool to find out!

Your customers have a problem, a symptom or something they want to achieve. Where do they go to solve that problem? Socials, Google?

Your customers are asking or looking for a solution - can they find yours?

Keywords help them find you, your product, and service, your blogs, videos, podcasts and MORE

Learn how to find WHAT they are looking for and the ACTUAL words they use!

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Members may have received some SEO Keyword Research as a bonus (must complete your onboarding form to access it), or you can purchase some keyword research separately. This course explains how to conduct your own research, understand what keyword research is, how to read the reports and some use cases.

What difference will this keyword research course make?

Like any training, it will of course come down to you!

By understanding keywords and how to research them, you will be contributing to your ultimate success and sales. A bonus is we show you free and low cost tools you can use!

If you know what your customer is searching for, you can help yourself be found. Choose the right words and you can get in a number of cases 100x MORE search results!

What if I don't choose the right keywords?

Your head in the sand is clearly going to mean you miss out on so many opportunities.

Choosing the wrong keywords may mean you become the world's best kept secret! If no one can find you, how will they buy from you?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is often seen as a complex black box. The reality is much of it, like keyword research, is actually really easy, and well within the grasp of an everyday business owner!

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What you get in the keyword research free tool overview course:

A 40 minute video on using the main Keyword research free tool we use Ubersuggest, plus some demonstration of Google Trends and Google Search. All of these can be used on YOUR site AND YOUR COMPETITORS (or any site pretty much!). Timestamped transcript also available for download.

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About your presenter Jane Tweedy

Jane Tweedy is a popular and award-winning business trainer.

Feedback from clients is constantly around the ability to break topics down and present them in a way that resonates with the audience, no matter their level of expertise.

Jane does the hard yards so you don't have to! She's learning every single day, being triggered with new ideas, and testing them out before turning into trainings.

To find out more about Jane you can check out our main website here.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Who will benefit from this keyword research course?

Any small to medium sized business owners and marketing/website people who want to understand how to complete keyword research.

If content is king, keywords are queen!

If I join via the membership do I need to buy/enrol in the course too?

No, you automatically gain Keyword research free SEO Tool overview access as part of your membership. Existing members have access to the course already. Members must complete their onboarding form to get keyword research sheets completed (no recording).

What if I have questions after the session?

You can ask below the course replay video. As a member you can ask questions at the live Q&A.

Private questions can be asked in paid coaching sessions, or you can purchase some keyword research.

I don't want to be a member, can I access just this course?

Your wish is our command. We designed this course to complement a bonus offer for our membership so you will find a lot more benefit as a member.

So you can, but it will be full price at AUD27 incl GST JUST for this course by clicking here.

When you do this course, you'll see there are a lot of connections to other courses (existing and coming) if you need to know more. So you may find you'll want to join the membership anyway!

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