What would it mean to you if your business hit a home run in 2024?

The 2020's decade hasn't been the best! Despite the headwinds, some businesses have still managed to hit the ball out of the park. You may have heard the phrase:

You can make excuses, or you can get results!

Achieve the happiness and success you deserve!

Let's make 2024 the year we get results, regardless of what's going on around us and to us!

Join us at these annual planning sessions to set clear intentions AND most importantly the mindset attitude, a plan and tools to get there!

Members can continue their planning through the year at the additional live quarterly planning sessions

What to expect from the annual planning session and membership

Create a plan you can actually implement to achieve the success you deserve!

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Will 2024 be your best year?

Why join annual planning?

What you get

What difference will this annual planning session make?

Like any training, it will of course come down to you!

However if you have tried and failed (FAIL = first attempt in learning), or your business is not growing how you want it to, this session is for you!

Taking different approaches to suit different people, we'll look at mindset, intentions, capability, tools and actual action planning to get your business on track!

What if I don't make change?

Your head in the sand is clearly going to keep or get you stuck.

If you are capable of achieving your stretch or growth goals by yourself, by all means do it!

If instead you're setting resolutions or goals and not getting there, or you have big dreams and not sure how to turn them into reality, then this is for you!

Business planning feedback

The annual planning process in 3 easy steps

1 - Book in for the course

Existing members can access this course immediately (just log in).

Preferred booking option - join the membership and get ongoing support and half price.

Or join just this course at full price.

2 - Complete pre-work

Complete the 3 pre-work exercises - initial business review of 2023 (we'll do more live), SWOT analysis and a braindump if your brain is scattered or cluttered.

Refer course curriculum.

3 - Participate in live sessions

The 2024 live sessions will be Tues 16 Jan 2024 10am to 1pm and Monday 22nd Jan 2024 11am - 1pm AEDT.

Both sessions can be attended live or you can access the recordings and materials in the online school.

The course attached to the live sessions

All content will be placed in this course for easy access by participants.

You can also ask some questions via the comments fields once the replays are up.

  Session pre-work
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  Live annual planning session replays
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Annual planning for business growth
Option 1 join just this course
FAQBT Business Growth for accountability
Option 2 via membership
FAQBT Business Growth Membership Benefits
Member only benefits

Best way to join is via our membership! Why?

  • you'll get access to all the FAQBT Business Growth Membership benefits!
  • it will be half price to join via the membership rather than buying just this course (and if you can't see the value opt out before the monthly rollover - note you only need to buy the Course OR the membership) use code HALFOFFFIRSTMONTHAUD

  • ongoing members will get access to additional quarterly planning sessions (including the bumper sized financial year planning)
  • you get access to our growing on-demand training library including some done for you resources and ALL the new DIY Toolkits being launched in 2024
  • live support pomodoro action accountability sessions, monthly Q&A, monthly networking sessions ...

Seriously what are you waiting for? My kidney? There's not much more I can give you!

About your presenter Jane Tweedy

Jane Tweedy is a popular and award-winning business trainer.

Feedback from clients is constantly around the ability to break topics down and present them in a way that resonates with the audience, no matter their level of expertise.

Jane does the hard yards so you don't have to! She's learning every single day, being triggered with new ideas, and testing them out before turning into trainings.

To find out more about Jane you can check out our main website here.

Check out some of what our clients say below.

"...now so inspired"

"engaging, informative, fun..."

"learned a lot"

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Who will benefit from this annual planning session?

Any small to medium sized business owners and senior managers who want to add more structure to their planning in 2024.

We work with growing businesses led by action taking people doing the right thing who want to do things right.

I can't make it live, can I still access it?

While you're an active FAQBT Business Growth Member you will be able to access the replay and course material. Note we may clear out old content before running again (replace the videos etc) so we guarantee 11 months access to the as-is video in this one. People buying only this course will retain access to this course for 11 months (wiped late December).

Also you can watch the replay, do the activities and ask questions below the replays.

If I join via the membership do I need to buy/enrol in the course too?

No, you automatically gain Annual Planning for Business Growth access as part of your membership. Existing members have access to the course already.

Isn't planning really boring?

Like anything, done badly it can be! This session will be interactive, practical and insightful. Plus when you get results (obviously after you put in the work), you'll be happy! Look at the customer testimonials from other training. Boring is something that doesn't come up in feedback!

I did the annual planning session in 2023 is it worth me coming?

Yes definitely! 2023 was a whole year and 4 planning sessions ago. This is the new improved version! Plus you and I have grown over the year! What you saw then may apply differently now.

I haven't got time to do the pre-work, is it worth me joining the course and the live session?

Absolutely. The pre-work will allow you to complete more of the annual planning at the session, however, you can do part of the pre-work at the session and do less analysis and reflection.

You will draft the plan post-session one and if you can, attend session 2 (or leave a question for) asking any questions you have including any implementation issues.

Will this suit the way I like to work?

We are big believers in doing things the way it suits you and not conforming to the 'should's'. Where possible we provide options to maximise your implementation your way.

There are times you'll need to change, other times your way will be best for you!

Is this all theory?

No, you will be given some pre-work activities to complete, and then we will work through more activities at the session.

I find it hard coming up with answers on the spot, will this mean I can't keep up?

We find this ourselves! Some things simply require more thought than a few minutes on the spot allows. Hence we provide instruction, initial time to practice implementation and we will be providing a follow-up session a week later, in case you have any questions once you have drafted your full plan.

I get overloaded at long sessions. Will I be able to take breaks?

Absolutely, we're not in the army! Due to lots of activities in the session we may or may not have formal breaks. You will be able to take breaks when it suits you and join back in. Note the time and catch anything you missed on the replay.

Why is there a second session?

We know sometimes you can't implement fully on the spot, and you can go away and not implement afterwards. Additionally, some will not be able to attend the live session and need some extra help.

To address these issues, we're giving you the opportunity to come back and discuss any issues with your implementation the week later. We will also focus on the accountability and methods to get it done over the year.

There will also be some accountability built into the live membership sessions for those who become members.

I don't want to be a member, can I access just this course?

Your wish is our command. We designed this course to be part of our membership so you will find a lot more benefit as a member for ongoing accountability.

So you can, but it will be full price at AUD49 incl GST JUST for this course by clicking here.

When you do this course, you'll see there are a lot of connections to other courses (existing and coming) if you need to know more. So you may find you'll want to join the membership anyway!

Plus you can cancel the membership any time before the next payment so why pay double the price?

I want to ask questions but don't want people to know the insides of my business.

As this is group training and being recorded, and will be available to attendees and new members, please choose what detail you give. So for instance, just say to launch product B, or make $x. Simply remove the personalised details before commenting.

You can also purchase one-on-one coaching following the session if desired to finalise YOUR plan.


By attending and coming on video or audio or chat you give permission to be included in the recording.

Any more questions or issues?

Please contact [email protected]

Choose a Pricing Option to buy JUST THIS COURSE or click on the buttons on this page to join for HALF PRICE through the membership instead