Are you struggling with a constant marketing treadmill selling a single product or service at a time? Do people challenge your prices?

When you sell single items or services you're doing it hard! Let us show you a way to lessen the amount you need to market because you're selling more (and making more money), and can also save some precious time if you do it right!

This short course focuses on the Product P of marketing

Remember marketing is more than just the P of Promotion, so today's session is about another core marketing P - Product (/Service). Therefore this session is not about promotion, it's about getting the product/service mix right! We are always upfront so we don't want to confuse you!

This session is fantastic to complete before you review your pricing or your marketing promotional strategies.

website and services overhaul
We may add to your to-do ...

... and we're happy to do it. Because if we can challenge you to change from the status quo if it's not working as well as it could, we're happy!

how to set prices and not go bust packaging services
Marketing & Pricing Connect´╗┐

We have regularly run sessions on pricing and packaging, but now for the online version we're breaking it out into more manageable versions!

super content marketing products and services bundles
Clients come back for more

One of our sessions is rarely enough! We cover so much within a session, and there are SOO many topics to cover in small business!

Course contents

  Introduction to How to market your products and services in bundles and FAQ Business Training
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  Resources to download
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  Determining price - high level
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days after you enroll
  Why you don't want to be selling single products and services or quoting hourly rates
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  Ideas how to productise your services or add services to products
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  Ways to bundle your products and services
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  Promoting your bundles
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  Bundling your products and services summary
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days after you enroll

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