Introductory remarks and introducing Jane and FAQ BT

Thank you for your purchase! We appreciate you undertaking training with FAQ Business Training.

Introductory remarks about the bundling products and services session.

Initially, we share some initial thoughts and comments and why this topic is so relevant to many small business owners who are on the marketing treadmill for single sales.

A brief introduction to the speaker Jane Tweedy and FAQ Business Training.

The balance of this video runs through the agenda and what to expect from our courses which are designed to be bite-sized on specific topics for busy small business owners.

Video watching tips

If you need to you can adjust the video speed. Jane can tend to speak quite fast, especially when she gets passionate, which tends to happen!

Contacting us

If you need to contact us for any reason please contact [email protected] or go to your profile (top right from your home page) and click contact. Please note these courses do not include one-on-one client coaching. However, there are options available to access such if required.

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Government Funded Assistance

Please note the mention of the NSW Government funded Business Connect program is only relevant to students in NSW, Australia (accurate as at 2nd December 2021). However, it is recommended if you are from elsewhere you see what government assistance may be available in your area at a local, State or Country level. You may be pleasantly surprised!

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