NSW Small Business Month and Black Friday special offer

Find details of what you get and why you will want to experience the value of the FAQBT Business Growth Membership for 50% off your first month - just the price of a cup of coffee a week! Use the code AUD50%OFFFIRSTMONTH at checkout. Hurry expires 30 Nov 2022 AEDT.

FAQBT Business Growth Membership special offer

November is NSW Small Business Month 2022 (March was a deferred 2021), and as we're delivering almost everything at the end of the month, we've labelled it 12 days of small business!

As part of this, and because it's Black Friday time too, we are giving new people the chance to join our FAQBT Business Growth Membership for 50% off the first month on the AUD Pricing plan. Copy code AUD50%OFFFIRSTMONTH and enter the code at checkout.

Click here to find out all about this amazing value membership.

Trial us out for the month including our new features - live action accountability sessions and a quarterly planning day. All for the measly amount of a coffee a week!

Love us, you'll be DD the next month at the full price. Don't? Simply cancel your subscription any month you choose including the first month.

Existing members we love you the most! You will receive an additional gift to thank you for staying loyal to us!

Code expires 30 November 2022.

Award winner - Outstanding Education Service Penrith City Local Business Awards 2021 (awarded 2022)

If you want to go global, why not start local? At the Penrith (NSW, Australia) Local Business Awards FAQ Business Training won Outstanding Education Service.

We won this award after our clients and supporters voted for us to make finalist, and then the judges checked our answers to award questions, and checks of our website and socials - including our live training. We are proud to receive this award as it recognises us both from our clients and from the judges.

Why does FAQ Business Training exist?

FAQ Business Training started because our Founder Jane was sick of hearing stories about people getting ripped off.

Jane Tweedy presenting for FAQ Business Training

Small business training courses

Our Founder Jane Tweedy has presented well over 100 courses and events for small business owners via networking groups, conferences, industry associations and councils. Now is the time to help MORE English speaking small business owners all over the globe find real world solutions to their real world problems!

We provide training across all areas of business and are particularly passionate about areas where rip offs are common

  • websites
  • search engine optimisation
  • pricing and quoting
  • low cost marketing

The amazing FAQBT Business Growth Membership is live

Rather than buying individual courses, for a small extra fee (charged monthly), you can access a good chunk of our courses, month after month!

Monthly fees, no lock-in. New courses added every month, and chances to connect with live Q&A webinars, plus online networking and Facebook group.

We would love to have you on board! Please check out the FAQBT Business Growth Membership.

What are our PW series courses?

PW stands for pre-recorded webinar. The PW series are therefore webinars we pre-recorded for other purposes, but wanted to share the great content more broadly. Find out why these differ from our other courses and provide a good low-cost session to trial our online training school.


FAQ Business Training blog

Jump over to our business blog for lots of business tips and information.

We have blogs and vlogs (video blogs) on many topics including:

  • brain dumping to declutter your mind
  • handling copycats
  • managing family and friend relationships
  • why you may be overwhelmed
  • Google My Business top tips (now Google Business Profile)

... and so much more!