Why does FAQ Business Training exist?

FAQ Business Training started because our Founder Jane was sick of hearing stories about people getting ripped off.

Jane Tweedy presenting for FAQ Business Training

Small business training courses

Our Founder Jane Tweedy has presented well over 100 courses and events for small business owners via networking groups, conferences, industry associations and councils. Now is the time to help MORE English speaking small business owners all over the globe find real world solutions to their real world problems!

We provide training across all areas of business and are particularly passionate about areas where rip offs are common

  • websites
  • search engine optimisation
  • pricing and quoting
  • low cost marketing

What are our PW series courses?

PW stands for pre-recorded webinar. The PW series are therefore webinars we pre-recorded for other purposes, but wanted to share the great content more broadly. Find out why these differ from our other courses and provide a good low-cost session to trial our online training school.


FAQ Business Training blog

Jump over to our business blog for lots of business tips and information.

We have blogs and vlogs (video blogs) on many topics including

  • brain dumping to declutter your mind
  • reducing expenses
  • managing family and friend relationships
  • why you may be overwhelmed
  • Google My Business top tips

... and so much more!