PW courses explained

What are our PW series of courses?

Thank you for your purchase. Before we get started with your training, if you aren't aware what our PW Series is, please read this or watch the video. You'll learn about what our PW Series is, and also about one of our core values - transparency, and the fact we tell it like it is. Many clients tell us how much they value these qualities about our business and our training. If you're already aware what our PW Series is, please just click Complete and continue above.

PW stands for Pre-Recorded Webinar. Our PW series are therefore pre-recorded webinars, recorded from a live session completed for another purpose. Therefore they are recorded with any internet connection issues (nothing major thankfully) and with webinar layout instead of a clean directly recorded screencast.

Please read on or watch the video to find out more about this series.

These sessions have great content we want to let a wider audience get access too!

Transparency is a key value in our business. Therefore we consider the PW series to be entry-level courses. We will not market pre-recorded webinars as fake live webinars, nor repackage them as a more expensive 'masterclass'. We consider them an inferior product as you don't get the live access benefits of a live webinar, nor the transformational benefits of a deliberately created course.

Our normal courses are broken into bite-sized pieces (which we have done in this extended length PW Series) with actions to implement for each learning. You'll note there are a few suggested actions included in this session to give you a feel for what to expect.

Therefore the PW series are more affordable. However, you still get great content, great aha moments and takeaways. The PW series can be a great starter option to try us out! Enjoy :-)

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